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We aim to create an environment where children feel secure, fostering a foundation for the power to build a desirable future by considering everyone—students, parents, staff, and the entire community—as one 'extended family.' Our goal is to provide childcare where children can play with friends and caregivers, grow together, and develop the necessary skills.

We incorporate balanced childcare activities encompassing 'cognitive, moral, physical, nutritional, and musical education.' Through various interactions such as seasonal events and community engagement shared between our two schools, we conduct activities aimed at nurturing healthy minds and bodies, fostering new discoveries, and instilling feelings of empathy and compassion."


Excursion to Ocean

Excursion to Ocean

We make a trip to the Ocean for toddlers and enjoy activities like playing on shores, preparing dinner together, offering unique summer experiences.

Field Day

Field Day

Everyone can participate the Field Day including infants! And, parent competitions too, making it a lively day full of excitement and energy for both adults and children.

School Recital


School Recital is an event to see the year's growth through songs and plays. What kind of growth will we see this year?



Our schools conducts various off-site activities and excursions such as visiting to the iris garden, school trip to the ocean, sweet potato digging, and career experiences (for 5-year-olds).

Food Education


Children learn the joy of cultivating seasonal vegetables, the pleasure of harvesting, and the fun of consuming them.

Picture Book Storytelling

Picture Book Storytelling

With specialized instructors, children engage with various picture books, getting familiar with language through sounds, rhythms, tones, and more.

Rhythmic Exercises

Rhythmic Exercises

Children enjoy singing, moving their bodies, and getting familiar with rhythmic exercises with specialized instructors.

English Class

English Class

With English speaking teachers, children enjoy singing, playing games, and getting acquainted with English in a fun way.

Parenting Support・Community Engagement

Parenting Programs

We plan events centered around authentic experiences and emotions that parents and children can participate in together.

Temporary and Short-term Care (Shin-Nakano Branch)

We can accommodate on a temporary basis if there's available space. Please consult with us beforehand.

Parenting Advice & Health Consultation

Interaction with other licensed schools in the neighborhood.